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Launching a new company can be the most stressful moment in your life, but the most exiting also. Keep calm, stay focus and don’t forget SEO to get more visibility, more customers, and money.

Among the mixed feeling we could have while starting the company, stress and excitement are the most usual. Fire becomes closer when you can feel the pressure, and fear to forget any aspect, or not really identify one precious need that your enterprise will need at one particular moment of its development. Excitement as you have been preparing yourself since couple of month, and you feel you are ready to start the real adventure.

Actually developing a new company is all about preparing yourself for the next moment. It never ends, and you need to identify the steps you will be going into before you actually become a CEO.

It depends of course on where the company is located: starting a company in US is not the same than creating a start-up in France. The first one seems to be made for entrepreneurship; while in the second one there is a huge and complex regulation you will need to come through before to launch. Some websites are useful to keep an eye on the new regulation like the AFE in France or the SBA in US.

Do you really know what you would like to achieve by this new path in your life? Keep that in your mind, it will help you to focus on what you really need. Mold in your mind what is the next step: deadline and objectives? Share the work process if it looks too heavy, growing as a team can bring strong values to your brand.

Optimistic ideas are not only the key to success; it is almost a quest of feelings: leaving your comfort zone to learn new things, or just giving new a try for new opportunity. It is like oxygen it is vital, but still one question stick in your mind: Will it work? It depends on how many times are you ready to sacrifice for your idea. Everyone has fear of failure but as the multimillionaire Ariana Huffington told: “Failure is not the opposite of success but a stepping stone to success.” No one asks you to jump from a mountain, but keep calm, stay focus on your idea, and if you believe on it then go ahead, you will easily convince your team and investors.

“Prepare yourself and take some risks. Without risk, there is no growth”.

Entrepreneurs generally have a taste for the risk; they can shift from a well-paid job to a captain of an unknown boat navigating right to the horizon. This idea does not look totally fearful for some people, unless you do not really know what you are doing. Look at the statement of the French CEO, Xavier Niel: “If your product is good, it will work, no need of network”.

Network can be useful for new entrepreneur, to not feel totally lonely during this long journey, however if your idea is awesome it can speak for you. After all, your website is there to promote it. Yet, in the jungle of Search Engine, you need a perfect SEO content if you want your consumer to know about what you are selling to them.

SEO games start with your website, not the content and all the details count. First of all, the robot text will play as an identifying code for Google to visit your website. It should be made in the coding itself, but the website must also be perfect: no broken links, not a double URL, https for the consumer security are ones of the simplest aspects that we can quote.

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A good content is the king, but the queen is SEO: if you already heard this popular web marketing expression just because it can increase the number of visitors and so your sales. If done properly, your content will be the most important things you will have done for generating income.

Some websites can consider that it is just a question of writing what you are and do, no need a professional to do that. But, failed to get consumers as Google was unable to identify who was the company and what they were actually doing.

Your website is now ready: perfectly organized and recognizable by Search Engines. Great! Do you think you are done? The next stage of content will be the social media campaigns, for what once again all the keywords are needed. But this is also why the sitemap present on your website is important to help to link into your digital campaigns.

Content and digital media campaigns supposed that you clearly identify your target, and for this Google Analytics may help you to know who visit your website regularly, and click to buy or in contact zone. From this analytics, a digital marketer will be able to get a clear image of your campaign: where and how to start.

Without all these steps, entrepreneurs will be like going to the middle of the street and starting to speak about their products, no one will even notice what they are talking about. Lucidity and clear goals can bring your business to the next level.


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