“Digital Automation” why automate everything?


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Ideal for saving time, the automation of web marketing tasks may be the perfect solution for all marketers and other consultants. However, while these tools make life a lot easier, they may not be suitable for all digital strategies.

First of all, what is “Digital Marketing Automation”. These are small repetitive and daunting tasks that are essential work of web marketers. For example, you would like to send an e-mail to your list of prospects to advertise your agency or website. You can create a perfect email in just a few clicks, and send it to your entire list without getting tired.

Yes, I imagine that you are already conquered by the idea, except that there are rules to use this technique and not fall into the spam of your potential customers.

No automation without strategy

If you thought it was enough to send thousands of emails at once to get hundreds of positive answers, know that without strategy it will not be possible. In fact, without strategy it is proven that the effects on the commitment are negligible, and you risk rather attracting the wrath of your prospects. Everything is a matter of accuracy and measurement. For example, your prospects will be ready to respond positively to an invitation to download your e-book rather than another invitation to buy your products.

This invitation will certainly be more personal than a commercial e-mail which they will guess the simultaneous sending to hundreds of other people. Nobody likes to feel ignored, or drowned in a mass of email addresses.

On the contrary, if you receive an email that corresponds exactly to what you were looking for, it is more likely that you will respond positively. By targeting your prospects and your message, the chances of ROI (Returns on Investment) are multiplied.

Market automation

Lead generation through market automations

It’s not just emails in automation

Of course, sending nice thoughtful emails to a targeted audience is already time-saving in itself, but it’s not the only one possible. Other automation tools for social networks, or to analyze the SEO of your website also exist, and again they can make your life a lot easier.

Again without an adequate strategy, the results obtained on social networks for example will not necessarily reflect the commitments on your site. A few days ago, a web marketer told me about one of these companies for which the automation of posts had yielded exceptional results in terms of view. However, the number of “followers” had not increased the number of customers, and the company had ended up in bankrupt.

At fault, an inappropriate strategy. As for emails, automating posts on social networks only makes sense to become known, not to build a relationship of trust with your customers.

As with any strategy, you must first know what you want to achieve through your posts: more visibility, more traffic on your pages, more sales?

This flow chart helps you to understand the Digital Automation work flow

Again, the content is ROI

Whether in your e-mails, your posts, or your pages people will not be interested in your company without an attractive and interesting content. If the content is quality, prospects will follow you more easily because it is a guarantee of quality, but also of loyalty.

If the content is interactive, your customers will not feel like talking to a simple cold and automated program. Keep in mind that automation does not mean lack of interaction. It’s about making your life easier with the simplest tasks and more time to build an optimal user experience.

Find a unique tone for your blog, or your newsletters that can talk to your prospects, and for that, better know them a little.

Data, data everywhere, all the time

When we arrive on a site in Europe, or in the United States, the first thing we read is not the content of the site, but this little warning message: “This website uses cookies”.

Cookies Policy

Screen shot of cookies policy


Do not panic if we need your data, it’s because understanding that marketer data is a bit of the main tool that will help us develop strategies for you to never leave, and others also go crazy about us.

So we create personas to know what interests you most, which page you visit the most, in short by your digital footprint we have a clear picture of what works and does not work on a lambda site.

The problem is that data to analyze, there is everywhere and all the time both on the web pages, as on each of the social networks. Once again, some tools can help us understand the traffic generated by our communication strategy, at least for Inbound Marketing, to directly bring the improvements the site needs. In other words, you get a clear view of the experiments you are putting in place.

It remains to develop a strategy tailored to your needs or those of your customers, and use these tools more than indispensable in the daily marketers, when used wisely.

By Audrey SIMON -Gnanasekaran

(Translated by Rajan)

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