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Online presence has benefits of expanding business beyond border, but if you don’t understand virtual borders concept the focus would be lost.  To put it in clear words: If Tom has a bakery: His business objective is to reach more customer near and establishing his brand, but not to sell abroad as  his sales limit could not be more than 30 km around. However, maybe his next level objective could be opening more branches or running chain.

Objective of every business is to make more customers and generating opportunity. Usually the existing business owner and new comers are clogged to understand where, what and when they should go online.

So here come 10 tips to start your own online business successfully:


Find a right IT partner

  • Understand your business need and find a suitable web designer and content writer.

Many business owners undergo cost cutting measure by selecting cheap and inexperienced web designers. The SEO foundations are laid from your website, Experienced and industry focused designers are aware of trends of search engine and its algorithm.  Don’t even think of plagiarized contents from another site, the search engine AI do not consider your website content, further you help someone indirectly. Everyone can write, and every one can count this does not make us a writer nor mathematician. Hire good content writers, because you are investing on growth. Yet, cost cutting would be a disaster for your site and visibility.

Buying clear domain name (consult a web developer before buying one), Domain name matters for the marketing reach.

Buying a domain is very important: check your competitor’s domain to get an idea about keywords, make it easy to spell and read as people need to find your site easily on the web, and avoid special characters they are not URL-friendly. The web servers and crawl bots hate special characters, the Google AI has auto corrector, if you choose tough or hard spelling, and you will indirectly drive traffic to your competitors. Furthermore your domain age plays an important role in organic SEO.

  • 10 out of 7 users do mobile search, so create user-friendly mobile responsive design.

Mobile is always with consumer, so they tend to use often to realize their research in search engine page. Do not miss your customers in this device, always invest on responsive sites. Nearly 80% people use search engines websites to reach business via mobile.

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  • Think user experience while designing website.

Invest more on technology rather than the design,  if it is too creative it may not serve the purpose, and risk to  never generate leads. A website can look awesome, but I should not ask a manual to use it. Believe us, people never ask, and only your bounce rate increase.

  • Plan your social media outreach

Social Media outreach is more important to gain organic ranking: sharing post should always be clear and easy to use. Understand what your audience want to read, by keeping an eye on your analytics, define which subject brings you more engagement and keep on doing research on this topic..

  • Find a good content writer and search engines as Google algorithm based writing. Your content should be both human and machine understandable.

Many people misunderstand the power of professional content writer.  Good content writer and proper content marketing strategy are your online sales person. Concretely, it means that your content is first made for your clients, but should contain enough relevant keywords to make the search engines to know what your website is, and what you want. Without it, search engines will simply not define your rank according to your business, and your customers will never find you.

Work flow of content marketing

  • Regular update and customer engagement are very important for conversion.

Don’t just share or create plain ads, be creative upload interesting facts, picture and funny advertisements, that can go viral. Social Media makes your content easily share only if you are able to create engagement, so be creative..

  • Keep in mind: Result could be witnessed after 6 to 7 months of constant hard work.

Do not expect fruits from your apple tree in just a month, you have to groom your website, engage with your visitors and leads, and constantly update your content to raise  your rank and conversion.

  • Never underestimate the power of natural engagement.

Natural linking and ranking may take long time, however with constant engagement you can move up. Once you move up, the leads will come automatically.

Know the power of natural SEO

  • Use a paid blogger, who has experience in SEO.

Blogging plays important role in SEO result and organic ranking.  Yet, without content curration it is not going to bring any change to your rank. Like any of your previous action, your blog should reflect a proper content strategy to get more result.

Many customers get trapped or underestimate the power of professional marketers.  In Cognota Media we help customer understanding their digital needs, you can write to us and we would be happy to help our customer grow.

Our company’s motto is “Grow with our customers” . Stay tuned for more SEO updates.

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