How to create and run a successful Email Marketing? Why it is very important for business in this digital age?

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Many people are currently entering into the digital way of businesses and question themselves. My business is running good, why should I do E-mail Marketing?  Or why should I go digital? Answer for these questions are, formerly businesses had local competitions, but now the virtual market has been flooded with huge number of competitors.

The digital spectrum had made customer possible to avail products and service through computer, laptops and Mobile devices. Present day challenge for the businesses is to hold their leads. We are in the era of customer preference rather than forced selling.  How could we give a customer personalized feeling? Today, smaller to larger businesses are forced to sell or advertise their products online. There has been a huge disruption in the conventional advertisement like printing, TV as the numbers have roughly gone down. The internet and digital spectrum is ruling the markets.

Due to personalized and targeted marketing by companies, there are numerous businesses ready to offer the same services and products at the door step via your computer windows and from your mobile phones. Every company’s objective is to sell their products efficiently and successfully. Nowadays, business lacks human interaction and more on-line interactions are in the raise, so your communications should be short, clear and creative. Human interaction should be kept in mind while creating contents or Mails.

You can expand your business, create brand awareness, give product or service updates, run targeted promotions and offers could be given on occasions. These all are possible with E-mail marketing and automation. When your business started to sprout and establishing your customer relation is vital and unavoidable. Small and medium companies can do the same as an established brand by automating their marketing with less or no help.


When you guide your customer, you can reach the goal.

Many of us concentrate on our business and forget our focus audience and their preference. Our mail should act us our sales guy and help your customer. People love creative and funny ads than the serious one. “Customer is King” write or coin a campaign according to their preference.

Few tips on E-mail marketing:


Plan your marketing strategy for running a campaign. A campaign without a solid plan will ruin the purpose of your Email. Give them quality content, image and understand the customers’ needs. Understand the basic of the content marketing; content marketing can be writing, images and videos. Every mail you send to your customer should be creative, funny and address his / her preference, rather than forced selling. Guarding this would certainly impact the results of your campaign.


When you are selling services or products maintain separate list of audience. You cannot sell a bikini in Alps and sell a boat in a desert that doesn’t make any sense. The digital spectrum provides you a wide scope of market, but identifying your leads for your products is important. These lead data’s could be collected from the Google analytics and even sending through an E-mail marketing platform having analytics or through surveys.

Mailing and Marketing consent

Golden rule in E-Mail marketing to B2C is to never send a mail without the consent of your customer, this would save cost and also from law. Certain countries have their own law for E-mail marketing, read the rules before sending to your customers. If you flood with e-mails to your customers, they would list you in SPAM, further your sending server would be referred SPAM. It would dramatically affect the future E-Mail marketing. Identify your brand fans and engage them with offers, coupons or even competitions.


Run campaign at schedule

Not every customer would be online, so run the campaign based on their preference time. E-mail can be sent at any time, but be aware there are other marketers targeting your customer and your mail will go down in the list and to thrash without reading.  Plan and run marketing campaign on good intervals and important events.

Be creative and engage your cutomers

Landing page

This applies to website with online stores, products and services. If you are selling many products and services, it helps your customer to land on the exact page. The landing page act as a showroom sales person and helps to measure the leads.

These are some important points that have to be noted before running a successful campaign. Everything starts from understanding your customer, market and business. Spending on right audience and customer saves both money and time.

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